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Adventure Carry was founded in 2016 as a community for outdoor enthusiasts, road trippers and world travelers. By sharing advice, ideas, and gear recommendations, we hope to connect explorers with each other and motivate them to explore this amazing planet of ours. Check out the forum to give travel tips, share photos, and get guidance for your next excursion.

We love seeing what people take on their adventures because it inspires us to get out there and explore.  Please post an adventure carry and share your insights on what worked well for you and what gear you’d leave behind next time!

If you love to travel and have an insatiable desire to see the beauty of the world  (FOMO),  you have come to the right place. Adventure Carry can help you determine the gear you should pack for a trip, get insights into the latest outdoor equipment, and learn from what others chose to bring with them on their adventures.

The driving force behind adventure carry is YOU! Please join this growing community and dive right in. Ask questions. Answer someone else’s questions. Share some tips, advice and the gear you carry!

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