Top 5 Two-Person Tents for Backpacking

Top 5 Two-Person Tents for Backpacking

Choosing the right two-person tent is essential for increasing comfort and improving safety on camping trips. But with so many tents on the market, how do find the right one to suit your needs? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five best two-person camping tents on the market based on cost, weight, interior space, design, and weather protection.

5. The North Face Triarch 2

The North Face Triarch 2 has it all: comfort, stability, tons of space, excellent ventilation and easy setup. This freestanding  two-person tent has an 84-inch interior floor length and two 7-square-foot vestibules for storing shelter packs, boots, and a compact kitchen. Use the tent in fast-pitch mode (with just the fly and footprint) to quickly set up a sunshade, or use the stable configuration (with four corner poles) for extra wind protection. A drip line keeps rain out when the door is open while all-mesh walls keep you cool and dry in the warmest, most humid weather.

At only $350, The North Face Triarch 2 packs tons of attractive features into a super-lightweight package. This three-season tent will keep you comfortable on the rockiest of terrains. The Triarch 2 is a great choice for hikers who want maximum comfort and weather protection with minimum bulk.

The North Face Triarch 2 Tent

4. Exped Mira II Hyperlite

With an interior height of 43 inches and a floor area of 30 square feet, the Exped Mira II Hyperlite provides plenty of room for sleeping, sitting, or just relaxing. This semi-freestanding dome tent has wide doors to allow for easy entry and two mesh pockets for storing sunscreen and a phone. The drip line and durable nylon fabric provide excellent protection from rain and wind. The Exped Mira II Hyperlite weighs just 2 lbs. 14 oz., making this tent an excellent choice for backpacking in moderate temperatures.

3. Big Agnes Foidel Canyon 2

Ideal for mountaineering and high-altitude camping, this freestanding tent has a taut pitch and sleep walls that provide protection against wind and snow. With its 43-inch peak height and 92-inch interior length, the Big Agnes Canyon 2 offers plenty of sleeping room with extra space for stowing climbing gear. Ventilation is excellent, despite the only mesh panels being on the doors. The tent stays dry even in subfreezing temperatures. Two crossing poles ensure maximum stability on rocky terrains. Simple setup, exceptional storm-proofing, and an abundance of living space make this tent a great investment for the adventurous backpacker.

Big Agnes Foidel Canyon 2

2. REI Half Dome 2

This classic double-walled two-person tent has been updated with improved ventilation, less bulk, and lighter, more compressible fabrics. The REI Half Dome 2 boasts a 40-inch peak height and 32 square feet of floor space. This freestanding three-season tent is great for any terrain, and has four fly vents to keep you cool and dry. And despite their lighter weight, the fabrics are durable enough to withstand the rockiest of campsites.


1. Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO

With its roomy interior, LED lighting, and superior weather protection, the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO will make you feel right at home. The 40-inch peak height provides plenty of headroom for two people, and makes this 27-square-foot tent feel much roomier than it is. Mesh walls and two fly vents to keep the interior of this three-season tent cool and condensation-free on even the hottest of nights. From the backyard to the back country, this tent makes a convenient and cozy shelter for any backpacking adventure.


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